A Codebreaker for DES and other Ciphers

This site shows pictures of the first prototype of COPACOBANA. It hosts 120 FPGAs and is powered by a 600W power supply. The housing consists of a junction box with nine standard 8cm fans.


COPACOBANA S1 (Spartan-3 XC3S1000, Revision 12/2006)

photo_b3.jpg photo_b4.jpg photo_b1.jpg photo_b2.jpg photo_b5.jpg

FPGA DIMM card (front and rear view)

copa7.jpg copa8.jpg

Brute force attack on DES with COPACOBANA

copa6.jpg copa11.jpg copa5.jpg

COPACOBANA Prototypes (using Spartan3 XC3S1000/Virtex 4 XCV4SX35 FPGAs)

copa1.jpg copa2.jpg copa3.jpg copa10.jpg photo_v1.jpg photo_v2.jpg